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Why is the perfect moment to come and surf in nicaragua ?

Shhhh! Dont tell many people about it but Nicaragua still being one of those country's in the world where you can find empty waves.

Is this true ? For sure yes . But you need to contact those experienced guides who knows where to take you to surf . They know about tides , swells directions, period , size . The knowledge is what you need to search to find those empty waves in Nicaragua .

Why still existing empty waves in Nicaragua ?

First because the tourism in Nicaragua is not super crowded.

Second . There are many surf spots to visit . This is not the same everywhere. Believe me.

Also to get to those spots you need knowledge . And a 4 x 4 ride .

This is what we do in Popoyo Surfcamp project. We sell personalized surf services around town. We take people surf where no the other tourist will be surfing.

Normally surfers come and guest host in some spot near our Popoyo main break and all of them go surf at the same time same place . What happen here? Gets crowd !

So our service is about avoid this. Lets go surf other spots. Lets avoid the crowd !

There are many things to talk about but we prefer to keep in low. In secret? Nah ! We just share this knowledge with the guest we host because we want them to feel special travelers in this surf town.

For any info don't hesitate in contact Popoyo Surfcamp team. They will guide you in the process of searching empty waves around the rea.


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