Where to eat near Popoyo Surfcamp ?

Hey there .

There are a few restaurantes between 15 min walking from Popoyo surfcamp.

Lunch :

Dutchys Delli : Located at the end of Guasacate. This place is the one we like more. Check in google if they are open. Sometimes open just wednesday to sunday.

Catering : Located near the surfshop almost to the end of Guasacate. The local food is good but the customer service mmmm.

La perla : 300 mts from the camp going to the end of guasacate. People says : Good local food not so cheap. Small local place at the left side of the street.

Magnifick Rock : you should walk like 35 min by the beach but the view is amazing . You can also just get a coffee or smothie there and eat in some local resto near there. Ask for Cafe cerveza or Camping Luna

soda . Those will be cheaper than Mag rock . But no amazing view .

Finca Popoyo : 20 min by walking. Bar is located in front of the main pick. The sunsets there are amazing. We reccommend go there for a beer and snacks.

Dinner :

Red Peper : Near the market . Open monday and wednesday . Just for dinner. You need reservation.

Call this num for reservation :Wapp +505 8860 2750

El pez surf hotel : Just 100 mts from the camp . Beutiful hotel with food service.

Viento Este pizzeria : Open tuesday thursday and saturday . Very good pizzas . Dont go to latte.

The barrel hostel : Always open. Beach front spot is nice . Food is normal.

Catering : Already mentioned for lunch.

Finca Wayu : Just 2 wednesdays per month. Amazing service and location. Check prices and availability in Google : Finca wayu .