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Popoyo Surfcamp is a project started in 2016 .

The Surfcamp owner is Maximilian . Family father of 2 kids .

Traveler from all over the world .

Surf passionate and big entrepreneur .

Him and his team are ready to welcome you .

He found Popoyo Surfcamp and start offering services that didn't exist in town. The knowledge about the surf spots and the all area is what they will share with you.

One of the best surfcamps in Nicaragua by the report Nica Turismo. Rated main attraction

in Hostelworld this year.

Coming to Popoyo Surfcamp will give you a family environment with personalized service focus

in score empty waves and have fun every day you are here .

The surfcamp has different surf packs for all surf levels and you can choose the one that match with your necessities . You can check them in the web. You can also choose different accommodation styles according to your budget.

Have in mind that coming to Popoyo is not easy. The place is undeveloped and the access into town doesn't have many alternatives. Our advice is getting in touch with Popoyo Surfcamp team and ask for advices . They will give you a personalized service from start.

If you are looking for a social environment party style so this is not the experience for you.

This place offer you relax & surf motivation to live an extremely pro surf service , personalized care and home feeling environment.

Recommendable by travelers from all over the world since many years. If you are looking to meet Popoyo deeply and also go for a real surf so this is your spot to be. POPOYO SURFCAMP.


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