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SURF THEORY beginners

Here we will share some surf theory .

Is our advice to read complementary information if you want to progress in this sport.

There are so much material in the web .

Here We filter this quality information for you :


In this episode we want to share with you how to Read Currents .

This video will help you in learning to read currents before paddle in to search those waves . Also if you are going for a swimm .

Everyday you will practice this sport please be sure to identify how the ocean looks like.

Video provided by SURF LIFE SAVING SA


In this episode we choose this video to put you in line whit what you should be doing or not to be safe in the lineup or respect the other surfers.

When we start surfing by our own we kind of learn this rules by doing mistakes but if someone tell you about this tips in advance you will be ready to go and enjoy without put yourself in danger position or to the others.

Video provided by BAREFOOT SURF

SURF Tourtle Roll

In this episode we want to share with you about how is the properly tecnich to go under the broken waves with big boards as longboards or even shorter boards with big volumen that make it harder to swimm under the wave.

Video provided by RUBY from the Surf box


In this episode we want to show you the basic things you need to know to start surfing green waves.

We consider that surfing white waves is Just helpfull for the first or second day of surf practice but once you are already strong in your balance over the board then you need to start hunting green waves and dont get stock in your progress.

Put attention in this tips and put them in practice in water.

Posittion for unbroken waves.


Common mistakes .

Video provided by BAREFOOT.


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