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How to arrive to Popoyo?

There are a few ways to arrive to Popoyo town. But those ways to do it are not in the internet.

So we decide to create this spot to share this with you.

The most comfortable way to do it is by Taxi. But obviously is the most expensive. You can take a taxi from any place you are in Nicaragua and arrive directly in Popoyo town. If you need a Wapp number from a trustable taxi driver just let us know and we will share it with you.

The closest city we have from Popoyo is Rivas city. This city has an small bus station connected to all the other city's around Nicaragua.

A taxi from Rivas to Popoyo will normally cost 25-30 usd depend on the quality taxi. Better cars a bit more expensive. Sometimes you can find people (tourists or locals ) coming into town and you can share a taxi with them and split the cost . Where you find this people? In Rivas bus station. Because they are also arriving form other city's or from Nicaragua border. ( Penas Blancas border is the one in the limit with Costa Rica and is about 35 min from Rivas city) .

If you want to know the prices from other city's or borders to Rivas city please ask us a Wapp taxi number so you can ask them the prices. We are able to share the taxi nums with you.

The cheaper way to come to Popoyo is by BUS .

There are local buses ( also called chicken buses ) from any place in Nicaragua . You first need to arrive to Rivas and after take other bus to Popoyo or how the locals call it - LAS SALINAS- .

The cost is aprox 50 Cordobas ( 1. 5 usd) from Rivas city to Popoyo. They will charge you an extra 2 usd for surfboards.

There are buses from Penas blancas border to Rivas . Also From Granada / Managua / Leon and many other places.

But remember you need to do the connections to arrive first in Rivas and after you will come to Popoyo.

There is also a directly bus from Managua To Popoyo. They call it El Expreso bus . Cost aprox 140 C ( 4 usd )

About the buses time . They are not in Internet. You should ask in the town you are or in the bus station and they will tell you . Anyway they are pretty constant . Each 1 hr and a half you have one . Take care who you ask. Better if they work in the bus station. There are other people who will maybe tell you " there is not anymore buses . I take you for ...usd " . Keep asking because there are buses. Make sure to come early . Better in the morning or midday. From 5 pm will be hard to find buses . Sometimes the last ones are at 4.30 pm. So our advice is try to leave early .

Try to pay in cordobas and small bills.

We are ready to welcome you in Popoyo surf town.


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