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Hi there .

I am Max .Popoyo Surfcamp owner .

I decided to write this article just because I think we all should be ready for emergency situations.

I am CRUZ ROJA voluntario in Nicaragua and I also did the BWRAG organization course who gave me quality information to develop my Emergency Plan. I reccommend to build yours . I ll try to help by writing some advices , contact numbers and other info in this article.

This is some information you need to know to develop your Emergency plan :

First we need to know the closest hospital we have is 45 min to 1 hr distance. This one doesnt count with infraestructure for all type of emergencys. We need to know the next hospital is 1.15 min distance aprox from Popoyo . This is the Rivas hospital.

Once we know that we also need to understand that some emergencys need to be control in the first 10 min of the episode, So that means you could be in a situation where you need to apply FIRST AID tecnichs as CPR or artificial breathing or just apply some bleeding control .

For this reason I will share this LINK HERE . Is about some basic first aid training .

If the accident is not to big that will put in danger the life of the person you can take this person to this health centers :

Public Health Center in Las Salinas popoyo town . Is called Las Salinas centro de salud, It is not in Google Maps but the location is : aprox 1 km from the only at the moment in 2022 Miscelanea Castillo ( supermarket at the main road going to Rivas direction ) .

Private Clinic called Roberto Clemente pretty close to Rancho Santana Entrance .

They have ambulances . Maybe they can take you to Rivas hospital in an emergency situation directly from the clinic .

On the other hand If the emergency need hospital situation what you can do is this :

CALL 128 (emergency number , like the 999 but in Nicaragua )

Say them your location , what happened , person's state of consciousness and ask them how to proceed .

They will contact the red cruz in Rivas and they will send you an ambulance.

Maybe a good option in that situation could be : Call the 128 , ask for an ambulance and go with your car or someone next to you and just find the ambulance on the way. First you need to know if is better to move this person or not . So better you ask in that moment to the 128 office secretary. Sometimes is better not to move the person because we can create more problems to the health situation.

Other numbers you can call in that moment are :


You can also check their web HERE

They can maybe send a Helicopter .I am not 100 % sure. But for sure will not be cheap .

MINSA . Ministerio Salud Nicaragua. 2264 7730

You can also check their web HERE.

They also have some ambulances in Rivas .

You need to know this :

Some situations will depend of a FIRST AID KIT . You need to learn to use it and you need to learn about possibles situation that you can be involved . If you will help in this situations you will need to be ready and learn the basic of how to control an emergency situation.

My advice is : If you can please go to some place near your house where they teach FIRST AID , RCP and other technichs .

If you cant just watch a free course in youtube.

But remember this : Try to take with you a FIRST AID kit all the time is possible . It could maybe save your life.



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