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Coming to Nicaragua : Is safe ?

We make this post for those people who never come to Nicaragua and they don't know what to expect about the country.

Sometimes reading articles in the web could be a bit confusing to make a conclusion about what is going on in different parts of the world .

Some people do they research before travel and we think that is ok. But in our opinion is much better to talk to someone who already travel there so you can get a closer perspective.

Coming to Nicaragua is SAFE .

Nicaragua is one of those country's that in terms of Marketing world wide doesn't have the best reputation but once you come into Nicaragua you will understand how different it is in terms of those articles you been reading in the web.

We highly recommend coming and experience Nicaragua country. You will meet an amazing culture and an amazing country full of nature and things that you cant even imagine that still existing .

Even if you come to Popoyo Surfcamp or not we recommend you to visit Nicaragua and learn from this amazing culture and society.

If you are hesitating or you need more info please contact us to our wapp + 505 76802958 or email us to and we will help you .

We can set you up form the airport to the beach by the easiest way .

We leave our bikes out in the garden or sometimes we forget the key in our motorbikes and trucks. Is that possible where you live ? Just one example . But there are many of them .

If you like adventuring in an amazing undeveloped country and feeling the magic don't miss out and book your flight . We are waiting for you !


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