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Buses: Popoyo -Rivas/ popoyo-Managua & more.

Hi guys. Here we will share with you the buses time from Popoyo to Rivas .

You have also one option to go directly from Popoyo to Managua.

Popoyo to Managua :

Every day ( Less Sunday ) .

Time : 5.30 am from Lasa Salinas bridge.

Advices : Be there 5.10 am . Sometimes the bus will arrive earlier.

Price : 130 cordobas.

The bus will go from the bridge by the Ochomogo inside road . Very nice to see.

Popoyo To Rivas :

Every day ( Less frequency on Sundays ) .

Bus stops are all around town. I ll post the ones that depart from Las Salinas bridge ( main point ) .

The bus will be stopping in many other local stops in the main road in town.

Price : 50 cordobas. Extra 2 usd for surfboards.

Advice: We recommend to be at the bus stop 15 min earlier. You never know with nica times. Take care when is Holidays times or some important day for the country. They will maybe not run the buses .

Times :

Daily : 5.30 am / 6.30 am/ 8.00 am/9.30 am/10.30 am/ 12.30 am/ 14.30 pm .

Sundays : 6 : 00 am / 10.30 am / 12.30 am

Once you arrive to your destination you can ask for the bus time for your next destination.

Our advice is always travel early because in Nicaragua local buses doesn't work in the afternoon. You will always find a connection to your next destination if you travel early.


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